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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable.


Permanent Installation - the vinyl floor is glued and seam-welded into place and can’t be removed without risking damage.


Semi-permanent - the vinyl floor is loose-laid using double-sided tape and then welded at the seams. The seams can later be cut and the vinyl floor be taken up and moved.


Portable - simply roll out the vinyl, tape over the top joins and secure on the underside with double-sided tape for temporary use.


Our vinyl flooring can be laid onto a range of sub-floors such as: concrete, wood or plywood.  All floors must be level and we do not recommend that our vinyl floors are laid over carpet.


In most cases, we recommend that a vinyl floor is used in conjunction with our ActiSprung system to give maximum piece of mind and performance:

Our specialist range of sport and fitness vinyl floors all feature outstanding shock absorption, optimal vertical deformation, advanced comfort and a perfect balance of slip and grip.  Our floors are manufactured free of any solvents or metals and do not require periodical surface treatment (no waxing) and are extremely low maintenance.



Ideal for heavy-duty applications, ie body building clubs, cardio gyms, locker rooms and gyms featuring wheelchair sports.  This compact 3-layer floor provides excellent durability and resistance to indentation.  Comprising PVC base layer, glass-fibre reinforcement and special patented surface wear layer this floor also features abrasion resistance and easy-clean maintenance.

Roll Size: 2m wide x 20m long x 2mm thick

Colours:  light & dark wood effect, green, blue and orange.


Trilogy Sport is an easy-to-clean sports flooring with PUR Surface.

Its surface design ensures an optimal slip resistance that helps to reduce the slip and grip hazards.

Recommended application areas:

Multi-sports school gyms

Halls for martial arts

Fitness halls

Fencing halls

Grounds for team ball sports

Gymnastics halls

Roll Size: 2m wide x 15m long x 6mm thick.

Colours:  Available in wood-effect.. 


A superb and economical solution for smaller sports rooms where durability and safety of the playing area are key.  Comprising  3 layers of high-density, closed-cell foam base layer with glass-fibre reinforcement and special  cross-linked surface providing greater wear-resistance and prevents dirt adhesion.  This floor is ideal for primary schools, martial arts, locker rooms and home or smaller fitness studios.

Roll Size: 2m wide x 20m long x 4mm thick.

Colours:  Available in wood-effect, blue, green & orange. 


The long lasting floor covering in snappy colours is just right for fitness halls, stage performances, dance schools, rehearsals, studios, tradeshows or events floors.

Performance features & benefits:

Long life expectancy

iGuard surface – easy cleaning and maintenance

Excellent abrasion and scuff resistance

Non-directional design in vogue colors

Dimensionally stable

Roll Size: 2m wide x 20m long x 2mm thick.

Colours:  Available in Amber, Amethyst, Jade, Nox, Onyx, Rosa & Turquoise 

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